Workplace Violence Risk Assessment

Workplace Violence Risk Assessment (WVRAT)

The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) states that employers must assess and control risks of workplace violence. This needs to be done as often as necessary to ensure that organizational policies and programs continue to protect workers.

For these reasons, a Workplace Violence Risk Assessment (WPVRA) should be completed at least annually, though each organization should have its own processes for determining how often to complete an assessment, and when to evaluate the effectiveness of the process. Generally speaking, revisions are needed when there is a change in the nature of the workplace, type of work, or conditions of work. Changes could include increased or decreased staffing levels, increased resident acuity and increased resident population.

Video-tutorials for the Online Assessment Tool:

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An Introduction to PSHSA’s Workplace Violence Risk Assessment Tool: Recognizing Hazards and Planning for Prevention

Visit for training such as this recorded webinar that will discuss the prevalence of violence in healthcare workplaces. The webinar outlines principles and processes for conducting a risk assessment, and the development and use of the WPVRA tool.