Ontario’s Workplace Violence Prevention Initiatives

Ontario’s occupational health and safety system has made notable progress over the past year. These advances were possible because the system had a common agenda – the province’s integrated strategy.

Two initiatives have contributed to solutions for preventing the complex issue of Workplace Violence in healthcare. PSHSA developed 5 Violence Aggression & Responsive Behaviour (VARB) toolkits and the Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Health & Long Term Care jointly initiated The Workplace Violence Prevention in Healthcare Project.

Both projects were successful due to the willingness of stakeholders (Ministries, labour unions, healthcare leaders, patient advocate representatives, safety experts, associations, policy makers and more) to work collaboratively to tackle one of the most pressing issues in healthcare.

PSHSA has also started to develop four additional toolkits at the express request of the Joint Leadership Table led by the Ministries of Labour and Health & Long-Term Care. The toolkits will focus on Incident Reporting and Investigation (esp. root cause analysis), Patient Transit (inside the facility) and Patient Transfer (to another facility), Code White, and Work Refusals. These toolkits are being developed with the guidance and input of a broad range of stakeholders and partners in the healthcare sector to ensure the tools meet the needs of those working in the sector and are also being informed by research and good practices identified in other jurisdictions.

Access the Joint Ministry “Preventing workplace violence in the health care sector” materials below:

PSHSA Interactive Tools

For access to the full toolkits that support these tools, click on the Tools tab in the top navigation bar.

Addressing Workplace Violence in Healthcare

The tools and resources found on this site will provide workplaces with a consistent, scalable and consensus-based approach that can be used to:

  • Build a comprehensive program OR
  • Enhance an existing program with new tools and resources.

To go to the Five Steps to Building your Workplace Violence Program, please click the graph below.

The Five Steps to Building your Workplace Violence Program